Convertful Weekly Update #5

As promised, today I’m announcing a HUGE update.

Fully Customizable Thank You Message

Before this update, you were able to define the text, that a visitor sees after submitting the form. Now you can customize everything in the Thank You message, using drag and drop builder and adding custom elements. This could be extremely useful when you want to display a coupon code after a visitor signs up, or when you want to provide some custom Thank You experience.

Multi-Step Widgets

Now with premium plans, you can enable the Callout Step in behavior tab to create multi-step popups. Here’s the great explanation of this from our amazing client (thanks, Dan!):

You can easily edit the callout using the same powerful drag and drop builder.

Yes/No Buttons

After the callout is created, it automatically contains typical yes/no buttons, which can be customized the way you want.

All the features above were implemented by your requests and votes, so if you need something else, please feel free to create new feature requests or vote for the existing ones.

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