Convertful Weekly Update #3

Today we’re announcing really a HUGE update.

Follow Buttons

Now you can place social follow buttons to your widgets, including Facebook Like, Twitter Follow, Instagram Follow, LinkedIn Follow and Pinterest Save.

You can combine follow buttons with different success actions to provide coupons and special offers for the following.

Pixeling Forms’ Viewers

Now with Convertful Premium, you can execute a custom JavaScript when visitors see a specific widget. This is especially useful for “pixeling” these visitors and then for retargeting ads to those who saw a widget but didn’t proceed with the action.

Floating Bar Above Header

Now bars have a special “Can Overlap Header/Footer” setting, which allows placing a bar right above the site header (or below the site footer) without overlapping it.

Simpler Dimensions

Previously all sizes in widgets were defined in relative “em” units, which was not convenient for fitting a form to its site page, and for creating form design based on a specific PSD layout. So we moved all sizes to pixels, which are more general to everybody.

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