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Welcome Message Examples For Your Website 💬

Are you finding it difficult to get qualified leads? Are your visitors just bouncing off your website? Welcome Messages might be the missing piece of your marketing strategy. But why are these messages so important and how do they work?

When a user visits your website for the first time, it’s not always easy to capture their attention and make sure they stay long enough to find out about your services or products. A welcome message is something that you can use to get your users’ attention and give them a reason to keep navigating on your website.

If you use Convertful, you’ll find that it offers a variety of welcome message options in various different formats. In this article, we’ll show you a few examples of welcome messages you can create within our platform.

But let’s start from the beginning. What are welcome messages anyway? Read on to find out.

What Are Welcome Messages?

A welcome message on your website is your chance to greet new visitors and sets the tone for your future interactions with potential customers. Using a welcome message for customers is the initial step in creating a great business relationship.

But what is the goal of a welcome message? Well, welcome messages make sure users don’t leave your website before making a purchase, subscribing to your newsletter, or convince the user to carry out any other action that you want them to take.

So, there is more to a welcome message than just trying to keep your users on your website. You’re grabbing their attention to make sure they convert. And, of course, conversions will not mean the same in different kinds of businesses, different verticals, and so on.

In order to make the best out of these visitors that land on your website, you can select one of the options we offer for your welcome message. To get some ideas for your messages, stay tuned!

Convertful Welcome Messages

In our welcome messages, you’ll find ways to make sure not even one opportunity goes to waste. If your visitors get to your website, you cannot let them go without reaching out: with an offer, a contest…

It’s not only about making sure those visitors stay on page: engagement is important. With that in mind, our templates for welcome messages use different techniques to reach out to those users. You’ll find templates that allow visitors to enter a contest, subscribe to your newsletter, follow you on social media, and so on.

Welcome Giveaway Contest Screens

Welcome Giveaway Contest Screen

A great way to welcome your visitors and at the same time capture their attention is to offer them the chance to enter a contest. First of all, you’re offering them an opportunity to get something for free, and that is always interesting for visitors. Also, in the long run, this is an opportunity for you to grow your email marketing list, which is the reason why so many of the welcome screens we’ll show include an email field. This way, even if your visitors leave, you’ll still have a way to reach out to them.

In this specific case, we’re asking for the email address to enter a contest, which tends to get users to disclose their actual email address. Rather than using their email to quickly unlock something, these visitors are in it for the long run.

Welcome Discount Screens

Welcome Discount Screen

Discounts are another way to raise awareness in your visitors. If the user is interested in your product, but not feeling confident enough to purchase, a discount can give him or her that extra push. In this case, even if the user ends up not purchasing anything, you still collected their email address.

Once you have your user’s email address, you can email them every now and then. This could mean adding them to your newsletter, reminding them of any products they were interested in previously (as you’d find from their browsing history on your website), or letting them know about upcoming events.

This means your chances of getting a sale are increased, which is always good!

Follow Coupon Screens

Follow Coupon Screens

A discount or a chance to win something always attracts users, however, not all of them will be willing to share their email address. In this case, this welcome screen offers an alternative: following your brand on social media.

Social media, traditionally, is not a high-converting medium. However, if you have a user that is not sure about purchasing, getting more information might help – especially if wrapped up in a package that includes a discount coupon code.

Simple Subscription Welcome Screens

Simple Subscription Welcome Screen

Sometimes, all your user wants is to find out more about what you have to offer. And that’s okay, you can still use this curiosity to your advantage. Though that user might not be immediately interested in buying from you, they could still end up purchasing at some other point in time. One of the goals of welcome screens is to avoid losing possible leads as well, so keeping these users on your email marketing list is a great way to improve your chances of selling.

Welcome Discounts

Welcome Discount

The fear of missing out (commonly referred to as FOMO) is an effective motivation for purchase. This is how the popups work: in order to get the benefit, the customer has to act before the deadline expires.

Nonetheless, you can’t use this tactic for everything nor can you use it repeatedly without changing the offer. For example, if you’re promoting your newsletter, anyone can be added to it at any time, so there isn’t a time limit you can set for this offer to expire.  Another one is if a user visits your website several times over a short period of time and you have the same deadline offer  for them every time, this resource becomes disingenuous and useless.

Therefore, use deadline offers wisely.

Personalized Return Welcomes

Personalized Return Welcome

Welcome messages are important for returning customers too. This is your chance to show  your returning customers that you care about them, by showing them that you remember them and reminding them that they have bought from you before. It’s always nice to be recognized and remembered.

Plus, in this specific case, there’s a discount on offer too. You can share specific offers with them that match previous searches and purchases.

Wrapping Up

In this article, we showed you a few examples of welcome messages. We covered different types of messages: welcome screens, pop ups… and different types of offers: discount coupon codes, subscriptions, prizes, sales on a deadline…

The variety of welcome messages that you can choose from may make this technique seem a bit overwhelming. However, that’s also the beauty of it as you are sure to find a welcome message that suits your business and the product or service that you offer. You can test out a few different welcome messages over a period of time and use the resulting data to understand the best way to approach your users. Ideally, the welcome message you choose should make sure users stay on the page.

Of course, you want to increase your KPI values too. Using Welcome Messages from Convertful  can  help you do this by getting to your users where they are.

By the way, did you know you can try Convertful for free? Create an account today and connect your website. If you’d like to follow us on social media, you can find us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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