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Convertful Update #36

This week we’re happy to introduce:

  • phone field validation,
  • mobile width control for images, and
  • widget list analytics tool.

Phone Field Validation

We added a phone number field validation via Google database. It allows using different formats and country codes, including use of brackets, symbols and dashes inside the input field. A valid phone number using any format can now be submitted.

Phone Validation

Mobile Width for Images

You can now edit image width separately for the desktop and mobile versions of your form. Just open the mobile preview (bottom left corner while editing) and specify the “Mobile Width” for the image element.

Image Width Mobile

Widget List Analytics Tool

In your widget list, you can now filter the list for a specific integration and time period. Counters for impressions, conversion, and conversion rate will update accordingly and show you how your widgets performed during the specified period.

Analytics Widget List

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