Convertful Weekly Update #23

This week we’re introducing sub-accounts, Zapier integration, and groups for widgets list.


You can now share access to your sites/widgets with your co-workers, clients, and friends. To send an invite — go to your profile’s Users section and type in the email and site you’d like to share:

User Invite Screenshot

By default, all new users will be added with ‘Read only’ permission, allowing to see widgets in a preview mode, without the ability to edit anything. You can always update permissions using the relevant dropdown list: User permissions control

To learn more about sub-accounts (users) see the relevant knowledge base article: https://app.convertful.com/docs/start/sub-accounts/

Zapier Integration

You can now connect Convertful with Zapier and send data to 3rd-party apps you need:

Convertful Zapier Example

The detailed illustrated guide on how to connect and set up your Zap you can find here: https://app.convertful.com/docs/integrations/zapier/.

Groups for Widgets List

In your widgets list, you now can group widgets using the relevant button. This should help you keep track of current and passed offers grouping up by type, layout or whatever else you like.

Groups of widgets

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