Convertful Weekly Update #11

This week we’re introducing social signup and empty space elements, other widgets targeting, VooPlayer support for the video element, and custom labels for the countdown element.

New Element: Social Sign Up

You can now add an option to subscribe to the list using the Facebook profile. It gathers the visitor’s first name, last name, and email from his Facebook account with one click.


New Element: Empty Space

You can now add invisible ‘Empty Space’ element to your widget to create a certain pixel distance between elements inside the column


New Targeting: Interaction with Another Widget

In the behavior tab, you can now add a new condition ‘Other specific widget’ to set up your widget to appear based on certain interaction with another widget.


Video Element: VooPlayer Support

You can now add videos from VooPlayer using our video element:


Countdown Element: Custom Names for UoM

When editing countdown timer, you can now specify custom names for units of measurement (UoM), using the language you need.


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