Convertful Update #32


Today we’re announcing a big change in our approach for counting the number of visitors to your website(s).

Old vs New Methods

The old method was to count visits based on 30-minute browsing sessions, where there’s at least one active widget on your dashboard. It works for most visitors’ cases but has one downside: the counter is triggered on every new session, even if the visitor doesn’t see any widget during this session.

This is the main reason why we have replaced the old method with the new one.

The new method is to count the number of pageviews i.e. the number of views of the pages with the Converftul form/widget on it. A Pageview is counted only when the form/widget is actually triggered and the visitor sees it. If there are multiple widgets triggering on the same page – it’s still counted as one pageview only.

In the case of inline widgets, it is only counted as a pageview when the visitor scrolls down to see the inline widget (inline widget is inside the viewport of the browser).

What Does this Mean for Your Convertful Account & Limits

Simply speaking: you will get more conversions/subscribers with the same subscription plan that you are on..

This is achieved due to:

  • a) counting views of pages only when widgets are triggered and the visitor sees it, which means more accurate stats, and;
  • b) we have increased the limits of pageviews (previously visitors) on every subscription plan to fit this new counting approach. You can check your account’s billing section to see what the actual increase is for your plan.

How it Works

The change is completely automatic, you don’t need to do or change anything in your account – we’ve got you covered.

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