Convertful Update #30

This week we’re introducing the webhook integration feature along with some UX fixes and improvements listed below.

New Feature: Webhook Integration

To send the form data via webhook, click your widget’s button to open its settings and add the on-submit action called “Send webhook”:

It will open a canvas where you can specify the targeted webhook URL, choose request type (HTTP POST or URL GET parameters), and specify the fields and values you want to send:

For more information on how to set up the webhook integration for your widget check the relevant knowledge base article: https://app.convertful.com/docs/integrations/webhooks/.

Improved Features

  • Updated cookie format for Chrome 80+ (“samesite=none” parameter) that caused browser console notifications.
  • Updated integration drivers due to technical requirements and API updates for HubSpot, MailChimp, InfusionSoft (Keap), Drip, ConvertKit, SendLane, Aweber.
  • Added support for HubSpot multi-line dropdown, with the ability to add value to the field instead of replacing it.
  • Improved “Share buttons” element to send the URL that includes multiple URL parameters.
  • Improved layers order for multiple pop-up widgets on the same screen (Welcome Screens are now always above the Pop-ups).


  • Fixed White Label features: connection via sub-account, non-needed notifications, visit limits count.
  • Fixed A/B variation for inline widgets, now any variation’s shortcode (or embed code) will show all relevant and active A/B variations.
  • Fixed notification for reaching the billing’s visits limit.
  • Fixed date picker in countdown timers and targeting options for the Safari browser.

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