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How SIMEDIO Converts 2.96% of Visitors With Timed Welcome Discounts

SIMEDIO is a brand and an online store providing unique collections of clothing for babies and their parents. This Shopify-powered store offers a large selection of bodysuits, t-shirts, pajamas, hats and more, handmade in the European Union from the 100% hypoallergenic cotton.

Alicja Michalak, the SIMEDIO owner, started using Convertful in the November 2018. She switched from the other lead generation software that she used previously, and she saw the results almost immediately:

Earlier, I was using Justuno and it was converting about 4 times less than Convertful

User-Friendly Popups

One of the common concerns about using popups is that they may “annoy visitors”. But this may happen only if you show irrelevant offers, that bring no value, and at the wrong time. The SIMEDIO store is a great example of how to avoid this.

Alicja cares much about her customers’ experience, and this is clearly visible on the site. In addition to the neat site design, all the popups, floating bars, and other widgets are very user-friendly, because they:

  • are shown at the right and most relevant time and manner;
  • make relevant valuable offers;
  • show mobile-friendly versions at smaller display resolutions.

This approach not only avoids annoying site visitors, but also brings value to them, and improves their user-experience. Smart move!

Timed Welcome Discount

For all the visitors that spend between 60 and 90 seconds on the site, SIMEDIO shows the timed welcome discount popup:

SIMEDIO Case Study Welcome Discount

A visitor has only 13 minutes to receive a special 15% discount. This popup converts 2.96% of visitors into leads!

Asking for an email is a great first step in building a relationship with a customer! And the 60 seconds delay for this offer is also a smart move because it gives some time to learn more about the products, which makes the discount more valuable to a visitor.

Abandoning Carts / Visitors Recovery

If you run an eCommerce store there are two important facts you need to know.

  1. About 70-75% of visitors that leave your site will never return back.
  2. About 70% of potential customers abandon their online shopping carts with products inside.

So it’s really a smart move to catch visitors who are abandoning a cart (or even a site) before they leave.

Alicja knew this well, so she had two ideas for the image/text of such a popup. Here are they:

Cart Abandonment OptionsShe was thinking: which one to choose? 🤔

While intuition is a cool thing itself, smart marketers rely on numbers, so she decided to make an A/B split test to choose the winner.

It means she decided to split the site’s visitors into two halves and to show the variations to the first and the second halves respectively to measure which of the variations provides the better conversion rate.

(Btw, here’s a small game: try to guess the winner before reading further).

And … here are the results:

Cart Abandonment Variation

So now the winner recovers 3.18% of abandoning visitors, who otherwise would leave never return back!

GDPR Compliance

SIMEDIO is located in the European Union and serves the EU-based customers, which means it falls under the GDPR law.

This law requires, in particular, to request and store the informed consent of all the forms’ subscribers.

To resolve this, SIMEDIO simply added the Agreement Checkboxes to all the Convertful forms. Now for each of the subscribers, Convertful stores the consent and submits it to the connected email marketing integrations and CRMs.


The customers’ experience in an eCommerce store starts from the site’s home page. The better experience creates a better impression, increases opt-ins and sales. A smart marketer knows it, makes relevant valuable offers at the right time, a/b-tests them to choose the best ones, and creates a win-win mixture for both customers and self.

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