Convertful Weekly Update #13

This week we’re introducing the HTML forms support, JetWebinar integration, and updated functionality of the agreement checkboxes.

HTML Forms Support

We reviewed all of your requests regarding the custom HTML forms. There were two types of them. The first and a huge part was about supporting the pure HTML forms. The second (and the small part) was about forms with JavaScripts and other interactive elements.

We’re implementing the pure HTML forms first. Mostly because most of your requests were about them, but also because services that provide JavaScript forms usually allow using pure HTML forms as well as a workaround.

To import your HTML form, just add the Custom HTML element and paste the form code there. You should see the import popup where you can select the data types, so we could validate and handle the data properly.


This will set a custom success action, the proper URL for it and proper variables names:


Agreement Checkboxes for GDPR Compliance

Starting from 25 May, the new General Data Protection Regulation will affect all the businesses, processing the Personal Data (for example emails and first names) of the European Union citizens.

So if you have customers or leads from the EU, then one of the things that you have to prepare, is to request your visitors’ permission to use their Personal Data. And, unfortunately, this cannot be just a “silent” agreement like a note “By submitting this form, you agree…”, as it has to be a more clear agreement, confirmed by the visitor’s action: clicking the relevant agreement checkbox.

One special thing about this is that if you use the personal data not only to provide the main service but also for marketing purposes, you have to provide two separate agreement checkboxes for these.

So now Convertful allows adding multiple agreement checkboxes to your forms.

For each of the checkboxes, when it’s activated, we’ll store some additional data that will allow you to confirm the agreement later. It includes the action timestamp, IP address of the visitor and the original checkbox text.

Except for storing this confirmation data, we also send it to your integrations, when they allow using custom fields, so you could use your ESP’s automation to send specific emails only to people who confirmed their agreement to receive them.

JetWebinar Integration

You can now use Convertful widgets to assign attendees your JetWebinar. Just choose the JetWebinar among the integrations and follow this guide.

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