Convertful Update #29

This week we’re glad to introduce a new feature – Event Tracking.

Event Tracking Overview

Events are globally trackable actions, which you can use for widgets targeting. You can set up events in your site’s Settings tab > Event Tracking section:

You can create and track 3 types of events:

  • Page Visit — the event that considered completed, when the subscriber visits the page you specify.
  • Element Click — the event that considered completed when the subscriber clicks on the page element (text, button, image, etc.) matching CSS selector you specify
  • Custom Event — the event that considered completed when custom JavaScript code is executed.

You can learn details on how to set up events in the relevant Knowledge Base article.

How to Use Events

Once events are set up and ready, you can target your widgets based on the event’s completion. Open widgets Display Rules > Show Only If, and  choose “Trackable event” option from the behavior-based rules:

You can use it the same way you do with other targeting conditions, checking if the event was or wasn’t completed and use this rule multiple times to track multiple events at the same time.

This new feature should help you create global rules and use events and relevant targeting to create groups of widgets, dedicated to a certain part of your audience. Enjoy!

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