Convertful Update #28

Today we’re glad to announce a brand new integration we developed – the Platformly integration. It will help you growing and segmenting your contact list and more.

How to Connect

You can connect new integration by choosing Platformly in the list of available integrations:

It will request the API key of your Platformly account. Details on where to find it and how to set up defaults for the integration you can find in the relevant knowledge base article.

List Segmentation Tools

Once the integration is connected, you’ll get access to the segmentation tools – actions it provides to send data to the Platformly contact list.

To access those, simply click your widget submit button and open its “On-Submit Actions”:

Platformly integration allows adding and removing tags and segments for your subscribers:

Update custom fields of the contact: 

Adding notes to the contact:

Platformly Targeting Tools

This integration works both ways. You can send data to Platfomly and also show Convertful widgets, based on the Platformly list data. Once integration is connected, in your widget’s Display Rules > Show only if section, you’ll find extra targeting tools. With it, you can create widgets with highly-targeted offers based on the tags, segments, and custom fields from Platformly:

Detailed information on how to use Display Rules you can read in the relevant knowledge base article.

Let us know what you think about the Platformly integration and its features in the comments below. We did our best to implement all the requests you made regarding this new integration and hope you’ll like it.

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