Offer Smart Welcome Discounts

For: eCommerce, Digital Businesses

Boost sales without losing profit by offering discounts to โ€œcoldโ€ visitors only. It’s common to offer welcome discounts at your online shop to your new visitors. Bright side: it increases the revenue. Dark side: you provide the discount for visitors who would buy anyway, and this reduces margins. How to avoid this? Try targeting cold (inactive) visitors only.

Convertful welcome discount widget

How to do this:

  1. Create a widget and add the text message with the discount code.
  2. Set up a trigger based on inactivity (Display Rules โ†’ A visitor inactive for (let’s say) 30 sec).
  3. Add new visitors targeting (Display Rules โ†’ Show only if โ†’ Visit number equals 1).
  4. Show at the early stage of the browsing session (Display Rules โ†’ Show only if โ†’ Number of viewed pages is less than 3).
  5. Combine targeting conditions (Display Rules โ†’ Show only if โ†’ ALL conditions are met)

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