The Instant UTM Builder

The Only UTM Builder That Auto-Fills the Proper UTMs for All the Major Paid Traffic Markets

Required UTMs
Optional UTMs

About the UTM Builder

It’s a free tool that helps to add UTM parameters to your campaign’s target URL, so you can automatically track the related visits in your Google Analytics account.

It’s a good practice to use UTM parameters for each of your traffic campaigns so you could measure and analyze the results.

The current UTM Builder is the only free tool on the market, that provides you with pre-defined dynamic variables for all the major traffic markets: Facebook, Google Ads, and Bing Ads.

These dynamic variables will be automatically replaced with the proper values once you launch a paid traffic campaign. For example, if you run a Facebook Ads campaign, variable “{{}}” will be automatically replaced with the actual Facebook campaign name.

It means, that once you choose a traffic source, all the UTM parameters will be set up instantly, so you don’t need to fill them out manually!