Last update: Nov 20, 2019

General Information

Convertful (Sovereign Net LTD, located at Craigmuir Chambers, Road Town, Tortola, VG1110, British Virgin Islands d/b/a Convertful (“Convertful”) hereinafter ‘Convertful’, ‘we’, ‘our’, ‘us’, ‘ours’) uses cookies to provide its services and better user experience for both Convertful clients and their sites’ audience. This Cookie Statement disclose which cookies we use and for what reason. This Cookie Statement complements and is a part of our Terms of Service.

About Cookies

Cookies are small data files that your browser saves on your computer while you browsing. Cookies were designed to store general information related to your browsing session and on-site customization preferences, to provide a better user experience. In Convertful, we use two types of Cookies:

  • Internal Cookies – our own in-app cookies helping to provide services and declared functionality.
  • External Cookies – cookies provided by third-party online services for stats and analytics, which we mostly use on our website (

Cookies could be stored in two folders of your browser: Cookie Storage and (/or) Browser Storage. Below, we’ll list all type of Cookies we use broken down by name, storage type, and purpose`

List of Cookies We Use

Internal Cookies

In general, these are cookies needed for Convertful to provide its declared functionality. Blocking or deleting these cookies will affect how our application and widget works on(/with) your site. Here’s the list of cookies names, what we store there and why:

  • conv_lastEvents — Stores data about viewed, submitted and closed subscription forms and on-site notifications, so we could show them only when we think it’s relevant. Also stored in the browser storage.
  • conv_person — Stores date and time of your current visit, last visit date, the total number of visits, and other parameters, so we could show you only the relevant subscription forms and on-site notifications. Also stored in the browser storage.
  • conv_session — Stores data about the current visit, in particular: start date, end date, shown widgets, URL of the first visited page, the total number of viewed pages, so we could show you only the relevant subscription forms and on-site notifications. Also stored in the browser storage.
  • utm_params — Stores UTM parameters of your first visit, so we could attach this data to your profile once you sign up, in order to measure results of our marketing activities.
  • track_events_via_js — Stores the list of your recent significant actions you to pass this data to third parties marketing and analytics services, so we could carry out research based on this data in order to improve our products and services.
  • session or session_id — Stores the key that authenticates you during the current visit (session) you when you’ve logged in.
  • authautologin — Stores the key that re-authenticates you when the current visit (session) is over.
  • affiliator_data — Stores the username of your referrer, affiliation date, and referral link, so we could attach this data to your profile once you sign up, in order to fulfill our obligations towards our affiliate program partners.
  • oauth2_platform and oauth2_connect_site — When connecting new site via a CMS plugin (WordPress, Shopify or other), store the domain, name and CMS platform name of the connected site in order to complete the connection after your authorization.
  • oauth2_authorize_integration — When connecting certain third-party integrations (Zapier and others), stores the parameters that an integration has requested, in order to complete the request for your authorization.
  • perpage — Stores the number of elements (tickets and others) in listings when you change this number as a setting, in order to show you the selected number of elements when you see a listing next time.

External Cookies

Cookies we use to gather stats and provide services via third-party online services.

  • Google Analytics Cookies, including _ga, _gid, _gat, store your unique Google identifier and other data that Google Analytics requires to track your behavior and provide us with aggregated reports, so we could improve our products and services.
  • Convertfox Cookies, including __cfduid, JSESSIONID, LWS_WEB and various cookies starting with cf_ , store your unique Convertfox identifier and other data that Convertfox requires providing live chat services, so you could contact us via live chat on our site.
  • Facebook Cookies, including fr, stores your unique Facebook identifier, so we could display you Facebook ADs based on your behavior on our site.

Client Cookies and Tracking Technologies

We provide functionality for adding custom JS and tracking code on certain events, which in its turn can be used for creating custom cookies and tracking parameters/technologies. On such clients’ sites, you might not be able to directly confirm or reject the applied tracking, but it’s still based on cookies. By declining those cookies you can block the tracking.

Cookies Control

Browser Setup

You can set up your browser to accept or reject cookies. If you choose to reject cookies, you may still browse the website, but the access to some functionality and areas may be restricted. Tools in different browsers to refuse cookies vary a lot, check your browser’s help to find the one you need.

Disabling Interest-Based Advertising

Commonly, advertising networks grant a way to opt out of Interest-Based Advertising. You can learn more by visiting these resources or

Website Cookie Preference Tool

You can exercise your website cookie preferences via the TRUSTe following this link:

Do Not Track

Some Internet browsers (Safari, FireFox, Internet Explorer) could transmit “Do Not Track” or “DNT” signals. For now, the common standards for such signals are not yet implemented, so our software does not yet process or respond to them. We plan to continue monitoring the further development of DNT browser technology and implementation of a standard for it. You can find out more about DNT here:

Cookie Statement Updates

We plan to update Cookie Statement time by time reflecting new functionality we plan to add to our service and (/or) using new third-party online services. We suggest you check this statement page time by time comparing the last update date to stay tuned for the latest Cookie Statement version.

Additional Information

If you have any questions or need additional information about the Cookie Statement, you can email us at [email protected].