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Spin-to-Win Gamification
Increase your Email Subscribers and Sales Conversion Rate by offering your visitors to win a coupon code in exchange for the email address.
Best suited for eCommerce, but can also be used for other types of businesses.
Scratch Card Gamification
Increase Email Subscribers, Sales Conversion Rate, and Percentage or Returning Customers, by providing the unique gamification experience, which your competitors aren't using yet.
Best suited for eCommerce.
Segmentation Surveys
Increase Sales Conversion Rate, Customer Lifetime Value, and Email Subscribers by auto-segmenting ~5.8% of your visitors, and instantly making them personalized highly-relevant offers.
Best suited for businesses that have multiple customer avatars.
Quiz Funnels
Increase Sales Conversion Rate, Customer Lifetime Value, and Generate Leads by offering a personalized answer, solution, or case study for taking a short survey. You can tag your visitors based on their answers to build personal communication in the future.
Best suited for businesses that have multiple customer avatars.
Welcome Video Pop-ups
Retarget up to 7.1% of new visitors to the sign-up page and Increase Sign-ups by the welcome popup that shows your Hero Video and offers a quick yes/no choice.
Best suited for Software companies, but also works for businesses that have a good Hero Video.
Cart Abandonment Pop-ups
Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment Rate and increase Sales Conversion Rate by offering a discount right before a visitor leaves your cart or checkout pages. It generally recovers ~21% of leaving buyers.
Best suited for eCommerce stores.
Welcome Discounts
Increase Sales Conversion Rate and Email Subscribers by offering a welcome discount in exchange for an email subscription to first-time visitors. Complementary countdown timer can show an evergreen deadline to boost conversions.
Best suited for eCommerce and Software companies.
Follow Coupon Boxes
Reduce Abandonment Rate and increase Social Followers by offering a welcome discount to new visitors in exchange for their social follows just before they leave.
Best suited for eCommerce and Software companies.
Welcome Giveaway Contests
Increase Email Subscribers by offering a chance to win a valuable giveaway for opting-in. Or increase Website Traffic asking to share your store URL.
Best suited for eCommerce and Software companies.
Deadline Funnels
Generate Leads and boost Sales Conversion Rate by creating an urgency via live countdown timers. You can add countdown timers to any of your widgets and you can create a personal evergreen deadline for every visitor.
Works amazing for every type of business, especially if you hold seasonal sales.
Yes/No Welcome Mats
Convert ~4.5% of new visitors into Email Subscribers by making your best offer with a huge noticeable welcome screen.
Best suited for Blog/Magazine/Media and Professional Services companies.
Targeted Content Upgrades
Convert ~3.2% of article readers into Email Subscribers by offering a highly-relevant additional content in exchange for the opt-in.
Best suited for companies, that are engaged in content or inbound marketing.
Yes/No Exit Intent Pop-ups
Recover ~1.8% of leaving visitors into Email Subscribers by gently offering a tripwire right before your visitors leave.
Great for Professional Services, Blog/Magazine/Media, and Software companies.
Content Lockings
Convert up to 17.6% of your visitors into Email Subscribers and Leads by requiring your visitors to opt-in in order to view your premium content.
Suited best for Professional Services and Blog/Magazine/Media companies.
Social Subscription Pop-ups
Increase Email Subscribers and generate more Leads by placing a complementary 'Subscribe with Facebook' button. Once a visitor clicks this button, Convertful grabs his/her name and email address and sends straight to your email list. This allows to reduce friction and avoid email typos.
Also works with Twitter, Gmail, LinkedIn, and Amazon.
Account-Based Personal Offers
Deep-connect Convertful with your CRM to make the most personalized offers to your site visitors, based on their tags, custom field values, or other properties from the CRM.
Supported for ActiveCampaign, HubSpot, Infusionsoft, ConvertKit, Klaviyo, AWeber, Drip, Drift, Gist (ConvertFox), MailChimp, and GetResponse. Check the knowledge base for the full list of allowed targeting rules.
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