HubSpot Forms

HubSpot is a recognized inbound marketing platform for both small and enterprise-level businesses.
Convertful provides HubSpot Forms that allow converting visitors to HubSpot Leads naturally, without annoying visitors!

HubSpot Forms

50+ Responsive Templates

Start from the modern ready-to-go templates with fully customizable design

Native Support for HubSpot Custom Fields

Customize form fields to request the data you need.
For every form, we automatically organize the data in the HubSpot way,
so you can use it to filter leads and to personalize email campaigns.

Precise Targeting

Create relevant offers with perfect timing.
Use precise behavior-based triggers to deliver highly targeted and personalized offers

HubSpot Forms Precise Targeting

Leads Recovery

Statistics has it that forms plugins fail up to 7% of leads because of integration errors. Our intelligent Leads Recovery System gracefully handles such issues, so every lead is saved and added correctly.

HubSpot Lead Recovery

HubSpot Forms A/B Split Testing

A/B Split Testing

Got multiple offers for your forms?
A/B test them to check which generates more leads.

Visual Drag’n’Drop Editor

Customize any form element you like to create a custom layout that fits your website style perfectly

HubSpot Forms Builder

HubSpot Exit Intent Pop-up

Exit Intent

70% of leaving visitors will never return to your site.

Engage them properly just before they leave to get an additional 2% of leads to your list.

Every Type of Signup Forms

HubSpot Pop-up Form


Lightbox with overlay, great with exit intent or inactivity triggers

HubSpot Scrollbox Form

Scroll Box

Side block that naturally fits empty space below the sidebar

HubSpot Floating Bar Form

Floating Bar

Neat bar that can be added at the top or bottom of a page

HubSpot Welcome Screen Form

Welcome Screen

Fixed or scrollable fullscreen mat

HubSpot After Post Form

After Post

Wide embeddable inline widget

HubSpot Sidebar Widget Form

Sidebar Widget

Narrow embeddable inline widget that fits into content or other website blocks

Forms That Don’t Annoy

Every form comes with display rules that make its appearance most natural for visitors.

Set them up to prevent other forms from appearing once a visitor becomes a lead.

HubSpot Proper Scrollbox Display

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Grow your HubSpot list naturally, without annoying visitors!