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Build Email Lists

Offer great Lead Magnet in exchange for the subscription

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Promote Your Webinars

Boost conversion by notifying visitors about your webinars

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Grow Your Followers

Offer Lead Magnets and Coupons in exchange for likes and follows

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Offer Content Upgrades

Target readers by URL, post tag or category to make the relevant offer

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Broadcast Notifications

Show Floating Bar to notify visitors about sales, events, and changes

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Offer Welcome Discounts

Boost sales without losing profit by offering discounts to “cold” visitors only

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Qualify Your Leads

Learn more about your subscribers to personify the communication

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Show Sales Deadlines

Give visitors a reason to take action now by showing live countdown timers

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Create Welcome Gates

Show the high-converting full-screens for the first-time visitors

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Target by Visit Source

Show special offers for visitors from specific sites and sources

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Show Yes/No Forms

Boost conversions by showing the callout step before the form

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and much more with the flexible Widget CreatorAdvanced Targeting

Start Quickly

All Site and eCommerce Platforms Support

All Major Marketing Software Support
& HTTP POST request *

No Coding Needed

* alternative to using integrations, you can send form data to custom URL via HTTP POST request

Easily Create Beautiful Widgets

50+ Beautiful Responsive Templates

Choose from the vast amount of modern-looking designs and customize them the way you want with our Drag & Drop Editor

You can easily add, move, and delete texts, images, buttons, videos, follow buttons, page sharing controls, countdown timers and other

Customizable Style

Change fonts, colors, images and much more to fit the site design perfectly!

Customizable Layout

Create widgets with any structure and number of elements you may like

Customizable Positioning

Choose the part of the screen where the form should appear to fit your site design

Customizable Fields

Gather any needed data in your contact list with customizable form fields

Remarkable Display Animations

Boost conversion by adding the eye-catching form animation effects

Google Mobile-Friendly

Create widgets with templates designed to meet Google Mobile-Friendly Requirements

Custom CSS Support

Create your own form design by adding classes and styling it with custom CSS


Create white-label widgets without any watermarks and copyrights

Offer at the Right Place

MailChimp Pop-up Form


Lightbox with overlay, great with exit intent or inactivity triggers

MailChimp Scrollbox Form

Slide-In Scroll Box

Side block that naturally fits empty space below the sidebar

MailChimp Floating Bar Form

Floating Bar

Neat bar that can be added at the top or bottom of a page

MailChimp Welcome Screen Form

Fullscreen Welcome Mat

Fixed or scrollable fullscreen mat

MailChimp After Post Form

Embedded Inline

Wide embeddable inline widget

MailChimp Sidebar Widget Form

Sidebar Widget

Narrow embeddable inline widget that fits into content or other website blocks

Offer at the Right Time

Exit Intent Trigger

Make the widget appear when the visitor is about to leave the page (when moving the mouse cursor towards the browser’s URL string, close button or forward/backward controls)

Inactivity Time Trigger

Make the widget appear based on visitor’s inactivity time on the page. Inactivity timer starts when the visitor stops scrolling and interacting with the page.

Time on Page Trigger

Make the widget appear after a visitor will spend the specified amount of time on the page

Page Scroll Trigger

Make the widget appear when a visitor scrolls the page down to a certain position, specified in pixels or percentages of total page scroll height

Element Click Trigger

Make the widget appear when a visitor clicks on a specific element on your site, specified by the element’s class, ID, or a hyperlink

Offer to the Right People using Advanced Targeting by

Visit Source

Referral links from specific search engines, social networks, channels

Visit Source URL

Referral links from the specified external URL

Visit Start URL

Browsing session started from the specified page URL

Page URL Get Parameters

Page got certain URL get parameters (utm_source, utm_medium, etc.) and values

Page URL

Targeting by specific URL or its fragments

Time on Site

Visitor spent the specified amount of time browsing the site

Viewed Pages Number

Visitor browsed the specified number of site pages

Visit Number

Targeting to first-time and returning visitors

Time From the First visit

Specified amount of time from the first site visit

Time From the Last visit

Specified amount of time from the last site visit

Date of the Last Visit

Last site visit took place at the specified date(s)

Current Date

The exact date or range of dates matching the specified

Screen Width

The exact screen width value or range of values (in pixels)


One or several type of platforms specified: desktop, tablet, mobile

Person Parameters

Specified person parameters (from local storage) with the specified values


Specified cookies with the specified values

Other Widgets

If no other widgets were shown on the page or during the session

Subscribed with Any of the Widgets

Visitor haven’t yet subscribed with any of the widgets

Countdown Time

Specified countdowns to exact date & time and evergreen countdowns

WordPress Parameters

Specified WordPress post tags and categories

Provide Polite Offers

Don’t Show Again Rules

Define the specific amount of time during which your visitor won’t see the widget, depending on the interaction type: if the widget was viewed, closed, or submitted.

One Widget at a Time

All widgets are designed to not overlap each other. The second widget will not pop up until the visitor finishes interacting with the previous one.

Precise Targeting

The set of precise conditions allows creating highly-targeted offers at the right pages and time — no more spammy widgets.

Create Multi-Step Forms

Yes/No Step (Сallout)

Gets a preliminary confirmation of the visitor’s interest in the offered value (optional)

Offer Step

Once interest confirmed, displays the detailed information and form fields required to accept the offer

Thank You Step

Form state, that displays your gratitude for accepting the offer. Whatever you feel suitable: text ‘Thank you’ message, short video, coupon code, etc.

Choose Success Actions

You can choose what happens when a user submits the widget to get the way you want:

Display Success Message

Execute JavaScript

Redirect Visitor to URL

Refresh Page

Post Form Data to URL (HTTP POST request)

Close the Widget

Boost Conversions

A/B Split Testing

Test how small changes of the offer affect conversion by A/B testing its different variations. Learn what your audience prefer to convert more visitors.

Real-Time Analytics

Analyze your audience preferences with the built-in analytics. Use the stats to adjust the offers and targeting rules.

Dynamic Data Capture

Gather visitor’s dynamic data (current URL, referrer URL, and UTM parameters) in the contact list to boost conversion with even more targeted offers.

Leads Recovery

Other Tools Lose Avg. 4-7% of Leads

General list building plugins and services don’t handle various API errors properly. This includes revoked keys, server downtime, account expiration and so on. When this happens, new subscribers are just silently lost.

Convertful Verifies that Your Leads are Added

Convertful checks whether the lead data has reached the email list. If not, it notifies you and carefully stores your new leads to re-submit them once the issue is resolved.

Smart Error Handling, Automatic and Convenient Resolution

Lead Recovery Technology identifies the type of error and notifies you instantly. No matter if it’s the ended subscription, API issues, or subscription plan limits reached — Convertful protects your leads in any case. Once you resolve the issue all subscribers will be added to your list automatically.

These are a very high-converting way to drive new email subscribers to your list. If you’re looking for detailed functionality at a low price point, I suggest you look into Convertful.
Neil PatelMarketing Guru
Convertful fixes all that by helping you create and edit forms in real time, and walks your through the process step by step making it the perfect tool for beginners all the way to pro bloggers.
John Paul AguiarBlogging Entrepreneur

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